Al-Ghazali and Descartes on Defeating Skepticism

Journal of Philosophical Research | forthcoming

Against Passionate Epistemology: Defending Pure Thought in the Meditations

The European Legacy (Volume on Descartes' Meditations) | forthcoming

Scientia, Diachronic Certainty, and Virtue


Penultimate Draft | Published Version

'René Descartes: Ethics'

Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Published Version

'Cartesian Imperativism' (with Joseph Gottlieb)

Pacific Philosophical Quarterly

Penultimate Draft | Published Version

Generosity, the Cogito, and the Fourth Meditation

Res Philosophica

Penultimate Draft | Published Version

Assistant Professor of Philosophy

Coastal Carolina University

AOS       early modern, Islamic

AOC      medieval, ancient, mind, M&E,

              social/political, virtue ethics,

              late Wittgenstein

Ph.D.    Illinois at Chicago (18)

V.S.       UC Berkeley (16-17)

M.A.    SF State (10)

B.A.     UC Davis (07)





early modern 

a series of projects at various stages (some co-authored),

on the intersection of metaphysics, epistemology, phil. mind,

and ethics in Descartes, Leibniz, and Princess Elizabeth.


a series of projects on skepticism, epistemology, and

philosophy of religion in Ibn Rushd and al-Ghazali.


The Conceptual Knapsack: The Space Between the Casual and the Technical (under contract, Great River Learning)

books *titles are tentative, no contracts officially set

(1) Against & For: Islamic Philosophical Reflections on Social Justice and Islam in America 

(2) The Passions of the Soul Illustrated: A Tribute to Princess Elizabeth (with Brianna Byrd)

(3) Progress in the Best of All Possible Worlds


Modern Philosophy

    Syllabus | HANDOUTS

                           Descartes' Meditations:

                          Meditation 1 #1

                          Meditation 1 #2

                          Meditation 2

                          Meditation 3

                          Meditation 4 & 5

                          Meditation 6

Introduction to Philosophy


Upcoming Talks/Research 

South Carolina Society for Philosophy 3.27-28       [all postponed]

Nordic Early Modern Workshop 6.4

Berlin-Hamburg Early Modern Workshop 6.11-12

Visiting Scholar | Leibniz-Archive/Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Library (May-June 20')