Assistant Professor of Philosophy

Coastal Carolina University

AOS       early modern, Islamic

AOC      medieval, philosophy of mind

Ph.D.    Illinois at Chicago (18)

V.S.       UC Berkeley (16-17)

M.A.    SF State (10)

B.A.     UC Davis (07)



sparvizia [at] coastal [dot] edu


Leibniz on Intellectual Pleasure, Perception of Perfection, and Power

Theoria | forthcoming

Al-Ghazali and Descartes on Defeating Skepticism

Journal of Philosophical Research | forthcoming

Against Passionate Epistemology: Defending Pure Thought in the Meditations

The European Legacy (Volume on Descartes' Meditations) | forthcoming

Scientia, Diachronic Certainty, and Virtue


Penultimate Draft | Published Version

'René Descartes: Ethics'

Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Published Version

'Cartesian Imperativism' (with Joseph Gottlieb)

Pacific Philosophical Quarterly

Penultimate Draft | Published Version

Generosity, the Cogito, and the Fourth Meditation

Res Philosophica

Penultimate Draft | Published Version